1.Couple meeting_May 2021 – Download

2.Bazar meeting_March 2021 – Download

3.Bazar meeting_Feb 2021 – Download

4.Couple meeting – Download

5.District dialogue meeting, Thakurgaon 2021- Download

6.District dialogue meeting, Panchagarh 2021- Download

7.Exposure visit to DASCHO – Download

8.Exposure visit to Pollisree – Download

9.International Women Day- Download

10.Report of training – Download

11.Report on Awareness session with Bazar & Transport labors committee- Download

12.Report on International Women’s Day celebration-8 March -2021- Download

13.Report on National Seminar – Download

14.Report on Training of Covid-19 – Download

15.Report on training – Download

16.Training Report March – 2021 (training on Covid – 19) – Download

17.Union Dialogue meeting –Download

18.Upazila dialogue meeting, Atwari – Download

19.Upazila dialogue meeting, Pirganj- Download

20.Upazila dialogue meeting, Thakurgaon- Download

21.Upzila dialogue meeting, Panchagarh – Download

22.Virtual Communication guideline -PROSPECT-Project_DASCOH – Download

23.District Dialogue meeting Thakurgaon Report Dec 2020-Download

24.Human Rights Day Report Dec 2020-Download

25.Human Rights Week Report Dec 2020-Download

26.Preparatory meeting for HRW  Dec 2020-Download

27.Theater show Report Dec 2020-Download

28.ToT for staff Report Dec 2020-Download

29.District Dialogue meeting Nov 2020-Download

30.Upazila dialogue meeting Atwari Nov 2020-Download

31.Upazila dialogue meeting Thakurgaon Nov 2020-Download

32.Upzila Dialogue meeting Panchagarh Nov 2020-Download

33.SMC & Teachers training Nov 2020-Download

34.Theater show Nov 2020-Download

35.Union Dialogue meeting Nov 2020-Download

36.Report of Seminar-17.11. 2020-Download

37.Couple meeting Oct 2020-Download

38.Democratic dialogue & RTI training Oct 2020-Download

39.District Dialogue meeting Panchagarh oct 2020-Download

40.District Dialogue meeting Thakurgaon oct 2020-Download

41.International girls Day oct 2020-Download

42.Self defence training Atwari oct 2020-Download

43.Union Dialogue meeting oct 2020-Download

44.Exposure visit Report 2017- Download

45.Information fair 2017 Report- Download

46.Report on Road show-2017- Download

47.Report on Road show-2017- Download

48.Report (Dinajpur)- Download

49.Report on Day objervation – Download

50.Report on Study Circle – Download

51.Visit report – Download

52.Quarterly Dialogue – Download

53.Report on Information fair-18 – Download

54.Report on Road show-18 – Download

55.Report on SAARC Exposure Visit – Download

56.Road Show – Download

57.Day observation – Download

58.Information fair – Download

59.Quarterly dialogue meeting – Download

60.Union Dialogue meeting – Download